If three women with identical hair get their hair colored at the same salon with the same bottle of color, each woman will come out with a different look.  Hair color can be tricky and while you may admire a color on someone else, when applied to your own hair it may not be the look you were going for.

Hair color issues can happen for many reasons. An existing tint or pigment to your hair, the condition of your hair including how porous it is, your texture, and elasticity are all hair traits individual to you that can affect the way professional hair color develops. And what do you do when your hair comes out too dark, too brassy, or just plain horrible?

When your hair color doesn’t come out the way you intended, you can head to the Jon Lori Salon, a salon in Monmouth County, NJ that offers corrective color to help you feel better about that oops.

Corrective color can sometimes be as simple as a few well -placed highlights or a non-damaging tint.  It’s important to have a professional fix color issues instead of attempting it yourself. The Redken-trained stylists at the Jon Lori Salon can offer advice and options to ultimately help you achieve a color that you love… and intended for the first time.

She achieved her perfect color.

To prevent color issues in the future, talk to a stylist to find out how the color may work with your existing hair color, skin tone, or texture. And if you are going for a drastic change, always bring a picture.

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